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We have some really helpful content for those of you who are looking for some guidance for your link building strategy. Growing your link profile is extremely important in gaining the attention of search engines and increasing your website's traffic. If you are a blogger or website owner, you should have a good understanding of SEO and link building. Our free Link Building Tutorial is a great guide for anyone wanting to learn more about link building.

Below, you will find some more articles on how to create backlinks, backlinking software a'n tools and backlinking strategy.

The Backlinking Strategy BluePrint


Is this the best backlinking strategy in use today?

It may not be the best but it is a proven blueprint to ramp up your backlinking and get some good movement in the search engines.

When it comes to using backlinking as a means to rank higher in the search engines, there are a plethora of strategies, which are very effective. The one I am going to discuss in this post is a base-strategy used by many bloggers and Internet Entrepreneurs.

What I mean by base-strategy is that it can be tweaked and executed in many different ways using a variety of tools and resources. Alone, this strategy will work for most bloggers.

The principles of this strategy can be done for absolutely free without having to buy any software or tools. I personally use various software and outsourcing resources in order to maximize my production and spend less time building links and more time creating new revenue streams.

Backlinking Strategy Overview

This Basic Backlinking Strategy I’ve used personally with great success involves two levels of backlinks. Level 1 (direct), are links that you create which link directly to your money site, and level 2 (indirect), are links you create to your level 1 links (building backlinks to your backlinks). See diagram for an outline of this strategy.

Level 1 Linking (direct)

Level 1 is the layer of Web pages you create that will link directly to your money site.

These include:

  1. Blogs
  2. Top Article Directory Submissions
  3. Web 2.0 Sites

These new blogs, Article Directories and Web 2.0 sites that you create for free, are very beneficial in that they are a part of a larger, more powerful and higher ranking domain.

As an example, when you create a free blog at WordPress.com, even though the blog you create will start out with a low Page Rank 0 (PR0), it’s still a part of the high-ranking PR9 wordpress.com domain. Eventually, as you create more content for these sites and create backlinks to them, your Page Rank will climb, which will give all of these links much more value; good for getting better rankings of your targeted keywords.

Ok, let’s get down to backlinking business!

Step 1 – Create Accounts for Level 1 Linking

This can be a cumbersome and tiring process. Having to enter your new account information, then go to your email address and confirm it can take some time when you are doing this for dozens of accounts. I have two suggestions for you:

Set aside one day and create accounts for all your level 1 sites – caffeine up and play some music if it helps!

Outsource it. Hire someone to create all of these accounts. I use Odesk and Freelancer for most of my outsourcing needs.

Recommended sites to create accounts for (you can add new sites and omit as you see fit):

Free Blogs  

WordPress.com (not to be confused with WordPress.org, which is the self-hosted platform)

Top Article Directories

Web 2.0

Step 2 – Create Content for Level 1 Linking

The content is the life-blood of most backlinking strategies and this one is no different. Here are three approaches to content creation.

Approach 1  

Manually Spinning – Spinning content gives you the ability to quickly create multiple versions of the same article. This is a huge time-saver and is an integral part of my backlinking campaigns. Read What is Article Spinning for me information.

Using The Best Spinner (see The Best Spinner Review), I will take a piece of original content (blog posts, pdfs, ebooks, etc) and spin it. If I’m doing this for Level 1 content, I will use a higher level of editing. Once I finish created my spin-formatted article, I will take 1 spun version to use for an article directory. I will proofread it and make any necessary spelling and grammatical changes. This method takes a little longer than simply using the one-click easy spin option, but the results produce a better article; much more likely to get approved by article directories.

Approach 2  

Outsourcing – I will also outsource this content using Upwork or Freelancer. In addition to using the spinning software to create different versions of the same article, I will higher several people to rewrite the base-article for me. This ultimately has the same affect. I’ve hired a dozen people to rewrite a 500 word article for me at roughly $2 per article rewrite.

The advantage to outsourcing is the time you save by not having to spin articles yourself. This is time you can use in other aspects of marketing your website(s). The drawback is that it can be a bit more expensive compared to a one-time purchase of The Best Spinner.

I also do this in bulk and give 10 – 15 writers 30 articles to rewrite for me. Using 15 writers, this creates 450 unique articles (15 x 30 = 450). That’s a ton of content you have at your disposal!

Approach 3 

Do It Yourself – In order to get results from your backlinking campaign you are going to need a large amount of content. Although writing all your content (including rewriting articles for multiple versions) is cheaper in terms of dollars, the cost in terms of time is huge. The amount of time you spend writing and rewriting content is time you could spend performing other aspects of marketing your site. I’ve spent countless hours doing this and it can be a complete drain and poor way to manage your time.

Although I write the content for my money sites, I use Approach 1 and 2 above to create the content for my backlinking.

Step 3 – Submit Content to Level 1 Sites

Personally submitting content to these sites can also take up a bit of time. If you are going to do this yourself, I recommend you get all the articles you want to submit setup so you can go site by site and submit them as quickly as possible. Depending on how many sites you create will determine how long this takes you.

Of course, you can always outsource. I pay people to rewrite content for me, then I pay another group of people to actually submit this content to my various Level 1 sites. This saves me a huge amount of time and allows me to simply manage the process instead of actually performing all of these tasks.

Once you’ve submitted your content it’s time to reinforce all of these Level 1 links with some Level 2 backlinking.

Level 2 Linking (indirect)

This is where you can really get the link juice flowin’. Creating backlinks to your Level 1 links is important as this reinforces your main, level 1 links and gives them more authority in the eyes of search engines. This Level 2 linkjuice also flows down to your Level 1 links and onto your money site. The more link juice you have flowing to your money site (both directly and indirectly) the more you will increase your rankings in the search engines and improve your chances to getting to the highly-coveted first spot on page one of Google.

Another reason why you don’t want to link directly to your money site is because you’re creating hundreds of backlinks in a short period of time and if you point all of these backlinks to your money site, it may raise a red flag to search engines. If search engines such as Google detect a huge amount of links all-of-the-sudden pointing to one site, they may penalize your site for trying to “game” the system and using spam tactics.

When you point these links to your level 2 sites, which have high rankings, large amounts of traffic and tons of content, they’ll be able to handle this influx of links, and at the same time pass along that link juice to your Level 1 sites and ultimately your money site. These Level 2 sites act as a kind of shield or buffer while allowing you to reap the SEO benefits at the same time.

The two methods used for Level 2 Linking:  


  • Article Submission – using Article Marketing Robot
  • Bookmarking Submission – with Bookmarking Demon


With Article Marketing Robot you can submit spun articles to hundreds and even thousands of article directories on autopilot. This software does everything from account creation to submission. You will not have to sign up for accounts to any of these directories or submit any articles manually. That’s the whole point of this software; it does all the heavy lifting for you.

Here’s a video explaining how Article Marketing Robot works.

There is a bit of a learning curve with the software. It took me an entire weekend to fully grasp what it does, but once I understood it, I loved it! This has saved me a great deal of time and money and I wouldn’t have nearly the level of success without it.

For every article or post I have on my Level 1 sites, I create an article blast (just an article submission project to the directories I choose) to that piece of content using Article Marketing Robot. This results in several hundred backlinks to my Level 1 sites.

Bookmarking Demon works in a similar fashion to AMR as it automates the account creation process and the submission process. As oppose to submitting articles to article directories, you submit bookmarks to sites such as Delicious, Reddit, StumbleUpon, etc. It comes with over a hundred bookmarking sites built in but you can add as many sites as you want.

I currently use Bookmarking Demon to create links to some of my Level 2 sites, my Level 1 sites and a few select pages on my money sites.

This is a proven strategy used to great success by many bloggers and Internet marketers. I highly recommend this strategy for those who are looking to make money from there blogging efforts and other Internet businesses. It also serves as a great backlinking base-strategy that can be added to and tweaked.

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide that will help you get your backlinking party started!

Note: I can’t stress to you enough how important it is to keep track of the URLs to the content you will be creating. You will be using many of these URLs as links for article submissions, bookmarking, interlinking between sites and other, future backlinking strategies you will mostly likely get into as you develop into a backlinking expert! 

Step 1: Write an Original Article Related to Your Money Site’s Niche

This unique content should typically be around 450 – 550 words in length. Although the length isn’t extremely important, it’s smart to stay within this range as many article directories have 400 word minimum for article submissions.

I recommend publishing this original article on your money site before you move on to the next step. You can kill two birds with one stone by adding this content to your site and using it in step 2 below.

Step 2: Prepare The Article for Spinning

I use The Best Spinner for this. It has several tools which you can use to spin your article. Some of which are quick and very easy (as in “push a button” and its spun), but lack quality, and others that take a bit more time, but produce higher quality. If you decide to incorporate The Best Spinner into your backlinking strategy, I recommend you watch all of the tutorial videos and check out the forum which will help you discover the best practices for using this software.

Step 3: Submit to Level 1 sites

Once your article is spin-formatted, you can view a spun article. Review and edit this spun article as needed then post it to one of your Level 1 sites. Repeat this process until you’ve posted a unique version of your spin-formatted article to all your Level 1 sites. Make sure to keep a list of the URLs to the content you’ve created as you will need to use these for your bookmarking. I use an excel workbook to keep track of my sites, profiles and URLs.

Step 4: Submit to Level 2 sites  

Take your spin-formatted article you created in The Best Spinner and simply copy and paste it into Article Marketing Robot. Setup an article blast using this spin-formatted article and one of the accounts you’ve created and let the submission process run on autopilot.

Step 5:  Perform bookmarking with Bookmarking Demon.

I recommend you bookmark all of the Level 1 content which links to your money site.

Extra Credit: 

  • Pick a handful of some of the Article Directories with high Page Rank you’ve submitted to using AMR and bookmark them as well. This will create even more link juice.
  • Bookmark a few of the pages on your money site you are looking to improve ranking on.

A Final Note 

This in itself is an effective backlinking strategy. There are many parts to it and it can take a bit of time to fully grasp and actually execute. Doing this manually is possible, but will take up a large portion of your time. I personally, employ the concept of Opportunity Cost when I make decisions about my overall Internet businesses.

Opportunity Cost is the value of the next best alternative forgone. Put another way, by spending time doing activity A, what other activities are you not able to do? By spending hours manually rewriting content, signing up for accounts and submitting content, you are not spending time performing other tasks which are necessary to successfully marketing your blog or Internet business.

This is why I use a mix of outsourcing and software to make the best use of my time, and give myself an opportunity to do other things which will grow my business. With that said, everyone has a different budget and the outsourcing and various link building software comes with a monetary cost. I personally find the value I get from this approach is worth it. But, to each his/her own.

Carpe Diem!

How can you squander even one more day not taking advantage of the greatest shifts of our generation? How dare you settle for less when the world has made it so easy for your to be remarkable?

– Seth Godin

Please note that links to software and resources in this post are affiliate links that I do get compensated for. I’m a firm believer in generating income from affiliate marketing when you provide value to people.

Link Value Hierarchy Guide

The Importance of Understanding Link Value Hierarchy

Two main components of Search Engine Optimization are Content and Links.

“Content is King” has been the mantra for years (My vote is for the “customer is king”, but I digress). The point is content is very important.

Considerable attention must be paid to link building as well. In fact, links are the “currency” of the World Wide Web; it’s the roadmap for Google bots and Web crawlers. Unfortunately but never to our knowledge has the actual Relative Link Value of any given individual link been charted. With that said, there is a general consensus among SEO professionals as to link value.

The Link hierarchy chart below displays from high to low, the perceived value of any given inbound link (external link). The value of a link pointing to your page content is important due to the link’s ability to pass link “juice” (value or authority) to a given page. If you expect to achieve high page one rankings on major search engines for highly competitive keywords, then some serious link “juice” will be required to attain your goal – presumably the #1 spot on the SERPs for your targeted keywords.

Attempting to quantify this subject of link value hierarchy is an ongoing debate and will remain flexible and ever-changing. As Google makes changes to its algorythm – such as the now infamous Penguin updates – the value of links will subsequently change. In general, links from high authoritative sites will give you more link “juice” than those form low quality sites, which can easily be manipulated by spammers.

Link Hierarchy – (this is an approximation and should be used as a general guide)

High Link Value

Page which has a significant quantity of links pointing to it
Permanent Links: Press Releases, Published Articles
Highly Ranked Page for a particular head or long-tail keyword with like topic as target page
PR4+ content
High Alexa Traffic Rank
Major Worldwide Directories like DMOZ and Yahoo Directory, with high Page Rank
Ranked Page with few outbound links pointing out to other sites
Any “naturally” acquired voluntary incoming links from same industry/niche
.Edu and .Gov Authorities

Medium Link Value

Blogs that are self hosted versus free blogs
Home Page Sources
Variable anchor text links from indexed sites
Links originating with page placement near the top or header section
RSS feeds and blog rolls
Links from root domains versus links from subdomains or subdirectories
Sites with High Domain Rank or established Domain Trust
Static URL, or any regularly crawled (ie. Spidered) content
links and from sites/web pages that have been published for several years (their is authority given to aged domains)
High PR pages that don’t use the No-Follow tag (although no-follow is diminishing)
Trusted site back links with highly correlated topics
Directory listing as long as the page has minimum outgoings links (may be moving down the list in terms of value)
Contextual links originating from within same site’s page content (the actual post or article)
Links with surrounding contextual content matching the anchor text
Rich keyword anchor text links
Pages with complementary and related topics
Social Media site links – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter – (may be moving up the list in terms of value)
Author Bio Resource Areas (common in article directories such as Ezine Articles)

Lowest Link Value

Low value directories attained from directory submissions
Free Blogs and Forums
Dynamically generated pages
Unrelated topic sites
Link lists
Resource Pages with fewer than 15 outgoing links
Footer Links or Sidebar links
Inbound Bookmarks where other users Bookmark your pages (Quality bookmarking sites such as Delicious, Reddit, StumbleUpon still have value)
Reciprocal links


Link Building Tutorial

Link Building Tutorial | Link Building Ebook

A complete SEO Link Building Tutorial for those looking to better their search rankings.

This free ebook is intended to provide people with an in-depth overview of what link building is, why it is necessary in order to improve site traffic and visibility in search engines and sound strategies for building backlinks.

An excerpt from the book:

In the eyes of the search engines, links within your site (internal links) indicate what you say about yourself (your site). Other sites linking to your site (external links) are what everyone else says about you (your site).

What you say about yourself only carries so much weight with search engines. The key is to get everyone else to say the same thing about you. When you have many people (other sites) with various levels of authority (page rank) saying the same thing about you, then search engines are going to take notice and put you in your rightful place – hopefully the #1 spot on page 1 of the search results!

Link Building Tutorial table of contents

Part I: The Basics of Link Building

  • Why Link Building Matters
  • How Search Engines Evaluate Links
  • Structuring a Link Building Campaign
  • Determining a Link’s Value
  • The Role of Content in Building Links

Part II: Professional Link Building Strategies

  • Asking for Links
  • Directory Links
  • Content-Based Links
  • PR Site Links
  • Buying Links
  • Reciprocal Links
  • Links from User-Generated Content Sites
  • Nofollow

Part III: Valuable Link Building Tools

  • The Bare Minimum
  • Additional Handy Tools
  • Determining Link Value

Part IV: Time is Money

  • Link building Takes Time
  • 2 Approaches to Executing a Link Building Campaign

Part V: Conclusion
Link Building Resources

SEO Link Vine Review

SEO LinkVine has worked for many (including me) but other say it’s lost its mojo!

SEO LinkVine Review

SEO LinkVine Review

SEOLinkVine is a network of blogs that helps generate traffic to your website and posts content automatically. SEOLinkVine operates in two ways for two different groups of people. If you are someone who likes to write or are into article marketing and looking for a higher ranking or a way to drive traffic to your website, SEOLinkVine can help. However, if you are someone who does not like to write, but needs new and updated content for your website, SEOLinkVine is there to assist you as well. SEOLinkVine is a search engine optimizer, which means it will help you get better rankings with search engines with the use of keywords and content.

SEO Link Vine was created by Brad Callen in January 2010. Brad is well known in the Internet Marketing community. He has created several SEO tools such as SEO Elite, Keyword Elite, and Affiliate Elite. He is also the author of SEO Mindset.

Google Brad’s name or his name with SEO next to it, and you will see many positive reviews about Brad and his products which is very encouraging. I have used a few of his products and have had some good, overall, success.

How Does SEO LinkVine Work?

SEO Link Vine is a linkbuilding service which automates the process of article distribution. It is web-based software that you log into in order to create your articles. Once the article has been written you choose the category of websites you want to distribute the article to. Your article will then be distributed throughout this network gradually over a period of time (the drip feed method of link building).

SEO LinkVine would be worthless if it simply distributed hundreds of copies of the exact same article as they would end up getting filtered out of the search results by search engines (duplicate content). SEO Link Vine uses article spinning which allows you to write your articles in spin syntax. In short, this allows you to create many unique versions of the base article.

SEOLinkVine Features

  • SEOLinkVine has extensive networks that help circulate your content to get you higher search engine rankings
  • Their system helps research keywords related to your niche and places them into your website content
  • Your blogs and website content will be updated automatically to be fresh and new
  • Their system uses tags to stream traffic to and from your website
  • They have a very easy to use interface to help beginners who are unfamiliar with auto blogging
  • You also have the option to monitor your keywords to see how they are affecting your rankings
  • 60 Day money-back guarantee

Benefits of SEOLinkVine and How it can Help You

  • Higher ranking for your keywords in the search engines (when done correctly)
  • Perpetual backlinking built up daily and over time (a drip feed method of link building)
  • Unique content distribution throughout the network (eliminates any potential duplicate content penalties)
  • Saves you time by drip feeding backlinks on autopilot
  • Diversification of your backlinks (important for creating a more natural link profile)
  • Backlinks with unique IP, different sites (very important to reduce your “footprint” and have a more natural link profile)

Why SEOLinkVine isn’t Perfect

However, in spite of how effective this link building software is, there are a few drawbacks which are a bit difficult to deal with if not done correctly. There are many people who use this software that don’t get its full benefit simply because they don’t know how to use it effectively.

Due to high volume of people using it, the servers occasionally slow down.

the SEO Linkvine article submitter operates on the premise that you are using spun articles.
Thus, if you don’t know what spun articles are, this may be a temporary road block for you. Read What is Article Spinning

You can become a member of SEO LinkVine by paying a monthly subscription of $67. After your purchase, you will be given a 60-day money back guarantee, which gives you ample time to figure the software and determine if it is worth the price.

More Details on SEO LinkVine

Read Warrior Forum Discussion on SEO Linkvine

Bookmarking Demon Review

Bookmarking Demon is the original bookmarking software that has stood the test of time

Bookmarking Demon Review

Bookmarking Demon Review

It can register massive amounts of accounts with social bookmarking sites and then,
here’s the sweetness, automatically tag your sites to these accounts! It is a desktop application that is robustly designed for speed and efficiency. Edwin has done a splendid job in supporting many of the most popular social bookmark sites.
Vince Tan

Bookmarking Demon is the first software produced by EdwinSoft, who has created some of the most popular SEO & Linkbuilding tools available.

Many Internet marketers (including me) have described Bookmarking Demon as one of the best performing bookmarking tools they have in their link building arsenal. Originally launched in 2006, it has since undergone many updates ‘n revamps and is always improving.

How does Bookmarking Demon work?

Bookmarking Demon generates backlinks by submitting page links to social bookmarking sites; automatically.

It gives you the potential of creating accounts at hundreds of these bookmarking sites—a good mix of some of the popular main sites and unlimited Scuttles sites, ScuttlePlus sites and Pligg sites. All you have to do is to fill in your details to the easy form and hit ‘enter’. After you enter your list of URLs, all the hard work is done for you as it picks up all your page titles and descriptions from Meta Tags.

Bookmarking Demon is chalk full of helpful features, especially those that are designed to give the whole process a more human feel. The randomization button picks out different user names, titles, tags and descriptions for you and the handy visual scheduler lets you drip-feed your bookmarks over selected days (This is a great feature as creating a large amount of links in a short period of time can be a red flag for Google, potentially getting your site penalized).
I personally use the visual scheduler using multiple accounts all running simultaneously, and anytime I want to stop using any of them I can just use the disable feature instead of deleting them which saves time having to re-enter the details again in the future.

Bookmarking Demon does most of the heavy lifting which is a huge time-saver. It attempts to load all the items found in my RSS feed and the camouflage feature randomly bookmarks the feed which assists with camouflaging the web pages I have bookmarked. This is really helpful because some bookmarking sites delete accounts if they see a high ratio of bookmarked pages going to the same site as it is seen as self-promotion. Bookmarking Demon also pings my social profiles and other webpages for faster indexation. Links are worthless in terms of SEO if they don’t get indexed by the search engines.

Watch this video for more details.

Bookmarking Demon features

  • Easy to use software
  • 100+ on-board sites
  • No monthly fee
  • Free updates
  • Supports Scuttle sites
  • Supports Pligg sites
  • Supports PhpDug sites
  • Randomizes links
  • Randomizes content
  • Useful scheduling tool
  • Pinging feature
  • Email verification

Benefits of Bookmarking Demon and how it can help you

I found plenty of benefits to using Bookmarking Demon. It’s ability to create solid backlinks using human behaviour in order to avoid detection is a huge plus for me. Too many other bookmarking software tools can create backlinks but fail to avoid appearing as an automated system in the eyes of these sites who will remove the profiles and links. All your hard work and money get wasted when this happens.

Additionally, the traffic that can result from your bookmarking efforts with Bookmarking Demon can be worth the initial cost alone. Although, solely using bookmarking as a means of creating backlinks won’t get you ranked #1 for your keywords, it’s a great supplement to an overall backlinking strategy. Heck, if you can set part of your backlinking on autopilot with software like this, then why not do it? You can build a steady stream of backlinks while you spend your time working on other aspects of your business.

Why Bookmarking Demon isn’t perfect

Good products come at a price and Bookmarking Demon is no exception. At the moment you can buy the software at a reasonable price of $147. Although I found it quite expensive at the time (it was tough for me to pull the trigger on this one), in the long-run it turned out to be a a great investment. I got some great, targeted traffic from my bookmarking efforts and increased my page ranking for the keywords I was targeting. I’ve used a few bookmarking tools and found Bookmarking Demon to be one of the best. There was only one fee to pay (a lot of the others had a monthly fee which can really add up), and I am also entitled to unlimited free updates. One of the other reasons I chose this particular software was the 60-day money back guarantee, as I knew if it was not what I was looking for I could return it and get my money back. No need though, I definitely got more than what I paid for!

More Details on Bookmarking Demon

Read Warrior Forum Discussion on Bookmarking Demon

SubmitEdge Linkbuilding Service Review

SubmitEdge is one of the most diverse linkbuilding services around and their rates are very reasonable.

SubmitEdge Review

SubmitEdge Review

The services of SubmitEdge have greatly helped my site’s search engine rankings. I submitted my site for jetsons costumes. It is now ranking #1 and #2 on Google and #1 and #2 on Yahoo as well. SubmitEdge has made a big difference in my site’s natural listings. Thank You! Tom

SubmitEdge is a link building and SEO firm that was founded in 2006.
This company currently has offices located in the United States, the United Kingdom, and India.  They offer many different SEO and Linkbuilding services including content for web-pages, link building options for optimizing the amount of traffic that is directed to your website, and many other services. If you are like many Internet entrepreneurs and small businesses trying to make it online, finding the time to perform linkbuilding tasks is hard to come by. Many larger companies have specific technical teams that handle much of their SEO and linkbuilding tasks. What about you?

SubmitEdge offers all kinds of services for large & small businesses as well as Internet entrepreneurs and bloggers.

How Does SubmitEdge Work?

You may have a great website with a lot of features, flash, and bells ‘n whistles, but if you don’t have the traffic coming to your website, you won’t make any money. Using linkbuilding services like those which SubmitEdge provides can help you get better rankings in search results; thus increasing your traffic.

They have set up a process on their website that is very simple and quick to use. First you must figure out exactly what linkbuilding services you are interested in and what kind of budget you have to work with. Once you find a service you are interested in, simply register for the service and begin the step-by-step process using their online form (the process varies depending upon the service you pick). After you submit your completed form, it is reviewed by one of SubmitEdge’s SEO experts. For example, if you take advantage of their article submission service, there staff of writers will do research on your topic and write up whatever you have requested (i.e. web content, articles, blog postings, etc.). Once the writers are done, the work is submitted to their editors. The work is then sent to you to make sure the work meets your standards. If everything is on point, the submission service begins and a final report is sent to you.

They have videos detailing all of their services and I highly recommend you check them.

SubmitEdge Features

· One Page Optimization
· Web Page Loading Speed Optimization
· Directory Submission
· Article Submission
· Social Bookmarking
· Google Indexing
· Forum Link Building
· Press Release Distribution
· Niche One Way Links
· Contextual Link Building
· Article Prism
· Content Writing
· Reputation Management
· XHTML Validation

Benefits of SubmitEdge and How it Can Help You

One great benefit to hiring this company is that they have a large staff of well-qualified employees who know the ins and outs about Internet marketing and provide an array of linkbuilding services. Taking advantage of several of their services can help to give you a diverse linkbuilding profile, which is very important to your overall SEO strategy.

Linkbuilding is a time consuming process and a company like SubmitEdge allows you to concentrate your valuable time on other areas of your business by performing the labor-intensive process of linkbuilding for you.

Why SubmitEdge Isn’t Perfect

SubmitEdge is a solid company to hire for much of your SEO content and link building needs. However, if you are a new to SEO, link building, keyword research, link baiting, blogs, and social networks, you may want to do a little research first. Upon entering the SubmitEdge website, there is definitely a lot going on!

My personal experience with them has been good overall. I would make one caveat. There services will work best for those who have a mid to low level of competition for their respective niches. If you are in a niche that has a high level of competition and requires links from the highest PR sites possible then the results become less consistent.

More Details on SubmitEdge